I have broad knowledge of core iOS concepts.CoreI know how to setup a basic project, I know how to interact with a button from the storyboard
    I write correct and clean code with some guidance; I consistently follow best practicesCore
    I have knowledge of simple components, and simple architectures.CoreI know how to use MVC or MVVM
    I understand my company business and missions and have functional and business awareness of the team's scope and goalsAmbition
    I am capable of following guidelines and completing simple tasks in time and with qualityOwnership
    I can work and collaborate effectively with other team members.Team Work
    I ensure good communication status to the team.Team Work
    I contribute positively to the team activities and success.Team Work
    I focus on growing in the mastery of my skills, learning tech, tools and best practices.Go Beyond
    I develop and improve my productivity.Go Beyond
    I accept feedback and learn from everything I do.Go Beyond
    This is inspired from several resources for offering you a checklist of control points to become a better iOS Engineer. Feel free to contribute